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The Boat is-a-Floatin!

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Our beloved Float Boat was launched on April 9 by Roger and Tim. We had to replace the starter, but it was a fairly inexpensive and simple repair, and we're ready to go!

The boat is currently "docked" on the Fernilee sand pad. Yet to be determined if this will stay here all season, for a variety of reasons. Additional communications will be provided, especially if you're making a reservation.

We're also trying to make reserving a little easier this year. You can email or text the Fleet Captain, a photo of your signed request form. But we'll still need a physical copy that can be dropped off in the PYC mailbox, or the Fleet Captain's home mailbox. Or you can bring it during the key exchange. The forms and instructions are also still on the websites Float Boat page.

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