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We used to race full-size sailboats, now we race R/C sailboats! Please see the Calendar page for the current years schedule of races.

Racing Rules and Information

Official Race: Two or more boats are required to make an official race. If only one boat is available to race, that boat will be declared the winner of that race.

Race Times and Class Scoring: All racing will begin at 1:00pm, unless otherwise noted. Entrants will be scored according to the Portsmouth Handicapping System.

Race Throw Outs: There will be one throw out race allowed per series when more than six races are raced and when all races are completed in the series.

Fleet Captain / Race Day Committee: Fleet Captain will be elected at a short meeting preceding the Ice Breaker Race.   The Race Day Committee, consisting of the Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, and Fleet Captain, will make all decisions regarding race activities.

Race Day Committee

Prestbury Yacht Club members may have been assigned to serve on the Race Day Committee to start and score the race.  The Race Day Committee and other members will assist you.  Serving on the race committee is not difficult and the social gathering during a race is a lot of fun.  Please call the Rear Commodore if you are assigned but will not be able to attend the race.

Race Day Information

Races are at the Cedar Gate Circle access to Lake Prestbury. If there is a cancellation before race day, notification will be made by email. 

The Race Day Committee will select the course to be raced.

The Race Committee will use these guidelines to cancel races for the day:

  • Water temperature minimum: 50F

  • Air temperature and wind speed combinations must be:

    • above 50F and below 20 MPH 

    • above 45F and below 15 MPH

    • above 40F and below 10 MPH

  • Lightning will cancel a race.

  • Rain does not cancel a race. The Race Day Committee will decide.

  • Excessive winds may cancel a race. This will be decided by a majority vote of the captains present.

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