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Yachting Club of America Reciprocity


Since Prestbury Yacht Club is a registered member of the Yachting Club of America, we have reciprocity arrangements with many prestigious yacht clubs throughout the country. The PYC Secretary has a book listing all of the yacht clubs who are members of the Yachting Club of America.


Each PYC member family will receive a Prestbury Yacht Club membership card and a Yachting Club of America reciprocity card for your use at those clubs. In addition, some clubs require a letter of introduction which, upon request, can be provided. You can request a reciprocity letter here.

We also participate in the Burgee exchange with other yacht clubs.

Burgee Exchange


The Burgee (flag) is purchased by a member to be exchanged with another yacht club. This is a traditional courtesy among yacht clubs, but not required. Also, if this exchange has occurred previously, there is no need to duplicate this exchange.

A burgee can be purchased from our Club Merchandise coordinator, for $20. Request a burgee here.

If you are planning on visiting a fellow yacht club, a call to them ahead of time asking what their reciprocity requirements are, and if they would be interested in the burgee exchange, would prepare you best for your visit. Request contact information here.

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