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Float Boat Update!

The float boat is sitting back at the Cedargate sand pad for 2023, for multiple reasons. We're still dock-less, but it is as manageable as it can be for the majority of residents!

Don't forget to get your reservations in. Go to the Float Boat page here on the website, and look for the reservation calendar link. You can see what is available for borrowing the boat.

Reminder that you can contact Tim K directly via email, text, or call, on top of submitting the paper forms. We'll still need the paper forms completed, but you can contact Tim many ways to get that reservation in ASAP.

Also, Tim is trying to get more out of the boat. So when you are reserving, please specify WHEN during the day you may want to use it (am or pm), so if someone else wants it the same day, we can try and accomodate!



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